Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Eighteen - And, Re-Retired

It's been awhile since I have blogged. We have been fulltiming for eighteen days, and not much has been going on other than work, rain, and more work and rain. But, today the sun was out, the sky was clear and it was my last day of work! The project that I jumped back in to help out Mr. Phil, is wrapping up. And, the best news of all is that Mr. Phil announced his retirement, effective May 31st. So, we will be FREE, AT LAST!

More time to spend walking the dog....

We are beginning to make our plans for the upcoming summer, fall and winter. I am finding that it takes a lot of research to plan a cross-country trip that will last nine months. Our trip as planned, totals 2986 miles - one way! I think our first stop will be Land Between the Lakes, KY for a couple of weeks, then on to South Dakota to get our drivers licenses and become official residents! We will take the time to explore Custer, SD, then down to Denver. I would love to go to a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Then, it's on to Sante Fe, and it looks like it will be in time for the Harvest Festival in early October. Next will be Painted Desert and Petrified Forest near Albuquerque, then Prescott, Jerome and Sedona, AZ. Then, we will probably settle down in the Desert Hot Springs area for the winter. I have always wanted to see the desert in the spring. That's as far out as we are planning for now, we will have the winter to make plans for next year. If anyone has suggestions of "must see", "must do" and "don't miss" please let me know.

Photo of Tennessee River, Market Street Bridge and Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga

I am sure there is an art to planning these trips. I am finding that we know that we want to go from point A (Chattanooga) to B (South Dakota) and end up at C (Desert Hot Springs), so my method is to just see what is going on about the time we hit the other points, and try to time it accordingly. I think that if we make reservations for the places that we want to visit for an extended period, we will be able to find stop-over campgrounds on the fly. I sure hope so! How do other RV'ers plan trips?

Me and My Cute Dog checking out the Delta Queen docked in Chattanooga