Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blue Smoke!!!!

Ok, we all have favorite things, and I love sharing my favorites with my friends. I love to buy food produced by local farmers, wherever local may be, and that is one thing I look forward to as we travel across the country. I love anything and everything handcrafted: pottery, art, clothing, specialty breads, cheeses, sausages, grass-fed beef, and eggs from happy chickens.

One of my favorites, that I don’t want to run out of, is Blue-Smoke coffee, the hand-roasted coffee that I have bought in Chattanooga for years. Kevin, the Roaster, has become a personal friend. I believe in his mission. He was employed in the corporate world, but his heart was in building a business around really good roasted coffee. So, he followed his dream. He uses only the best organic, shade-grown coffee beans, which are certified “fair trade”. He hand roasts only a few pounds at a time, and keeps a generous supply of good coffee at Greenlife (Whole Foods Market), Earth Fare, and New Moon Gallery in Chattanooga.

Kevin, is very generous, and donates portions of his sales to environmental and humanitarian causes. He is a kind person, and runs the type of business that I like to support. The fact that his coffee is unbelievably awesome is an added benefit!

Before leaving Chattanooga, for our great adventure, I stocked up, and felt I had enough to last awhile. But, with our delay, I began to get nervous. So, I ordered five pounds, and received my delivery today!

The t-shirt was a bon voyage gift for our journey. Blue Smoke ships coffee all over the country, and has quite the following of very perky customers! His website is If you decide to give his coffee a try, beware, you will be hooked!


Judy and Emma said...

Personally, I don't drink coffee, but I'm very much in favor of shade grown coffee for those that do so. It's good for the environment and animals. :)

Sue and Doug said...

well at least your 'stash' has grown again!!..enjoy the coffee!

Gin and Syl said...

And here I am stopping the coffee habit. It shouldn't be too hard since I mostly only drank it at work. I don't really want to do anything associated with work now. Imagine that.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Coffee is good for you. We will check out the web site. We are always looking for good coffee.

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Beautiful photos and places. By the way, is that a real tree or sculpture?

Anonymous said...

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