Tuesday, February 22, 2011

: ( Offer expired...and I had mentally started packing....

Life is a roller coaster at times. Yesterday it looked like we were on our way to a contract, and today - nodda. It was one of those rare deals, cash, no contingency, no appraisal, no inspection - almost too good to be true. The buyers were looking for a bargain, and we met them half-way, but that wasn't enough. Drat!  I was so disappointed. Oh well.


Jessica said...

I'm sorry that the potential sale fell through! It definitely seems right now like buyers want everything, but don't want to pay much for it. We were shocked at the first offer we got for our condo. Then we really agonized over how much to counter back. We wanted the sale, of course but we also needed to be closer to the mortgage payoff amount. It's such a fine line. I really hope that the market improves before we are ready to sell.

Deborah said...

Thanks Jessica. I was already thinking that I'd be fulltiming BEFORE the rally. We just bought our condo two years ago, and hope to at least get what we paid for it - but I'm not sure that can happen. Condo owners are treated a little like second class citizens, too, by the banks. Fannie and Freddie won't buy condo loans without lots of restrictions. But, maybe the right buyer will come along. Volkswagen started making the Passat here in Chattanooga this year, and Amazon has announced that it will open a distribution center here, so hopefully that will help in the future. Thanks for the kind words.

Erik's RV Blog said...

The whole thing wrong with a buyers market is the.... BUYERS!! Argh! They want fully remodled kitchens and bathrooms and if you haven't put down wood floors or cermic tile, the horror they want thousands off the list price.

I don't look forward to the selling process, the wife may need to lock me in the RV so I don't punch a prospective buyer because they want me to lower the price and then add or improve something on top of it. :)

I wouldn't actually punch somebody, but my mouth would definately get going in this case!

Good luck and I hope it sells fast!


Teri said...

That's frustrating. I hope you get another offer soon. I want my house to sell before next winter comes around, hopefully the economy will steady itself long enough for both of us to sell our houses.