Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work gets in the way!

I have been living vicariously through my blog buds. Thanks for all of the time you take to post about your adventures on the road. I have been all about work lately, and it really does get in the way sometimes. I have always heard that we should not wish our lives away, but I will have to say that I do look forward to the day that we can move on to the next phase.

We are planning to squeeze in a trip to Lazydays RV in Florida this month to see mass quantites of RV's all in one place. Hubby has to be down that way anyway for work, so we thought we would make use of the trip. We are planning to upgrade, from a small 23' motorhome and are weighing larger motorhome vs. 5'er. We plan to full-time once our condo sells, and can see staying in one place for an extended length of time, possibly months. My hopes are to avoid extremes in weather year round (if possible). I have been leaning toward the 5'ers in that there is only one vehicle to maintain. I did watch the videos on the Carriage website and was impressed with the fact that they make the frames, cabinetry, countertops, lots of the furniture, curtains, spreads, etc. at the factory. I know to look for 4-season warranted for full-time, welded not screwed, then go for the floor plan we like best. Anyone with opinions about Carriage, DRV Suites, NuWa, New Horizons, Excel? Those are some names I picked up from various forums. Any that anyone would recommend that we consider in the 5'ers?

I have new blog buds that I'd like to welcome...Jeff & Sheryl who found some sun somewhere in this country! The Cruzin2some Dawn and Denise, who like myself, are waiting for the big leap. Stu and Donna, 2 Taking a 5th, who have one hellava rig. I gotta get me a hat and sunglasses like Donna's once I hit the road. And, welcome to Georgina! I learn so much from all of you. It's nice to check in and see what you all are up to. I hate that the weather has had such an impact on everyone, and hope that things will soon turn sunny and warm.

Happy trails!


Donna aka Froggi said...

Here are the only two RV Parks that I know personally...both are around 30-35 miles ad 30-40 minutes.

Lake Toho is really out of the way, we stayed there two years ago before and after a trip to Cancun (left the rig there).

Bee's is where we are now and we really like it and the area.

Deborah said...

I'll check those out. Thanks!