Friday, January 21, 2011

"Blog Worthy"

I have a "Follower"....geez, have made my day! Someone out there actually decided that my blog is "blog-worthy". I am so honored! In all seriousness, the ability to connect with others that have common goals and dreams is huge. When we first moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta, we bought an old house to restore. Never having restored old homes, we were reluctant to buy because of the unknown. But the real estate agent introduced us to his friends that had been through the restoration process. These folks were so into what they did that they offered to literally crawl underneath the house, check the systems, and "kick the tires" before we made an offer. That was huge, because the process seemed overwhelming to us, and they were willing to calm our fears. It is the same now for us. We are planning a new chapter in our lives that is foreign to us. And, so is my new friend Teri. Having a network of folks out there that are willing to share their experiences about life on the road is priceless. Friends are huge in life, they make us live longer! By the way, we bought the house, and ten years later, those guys that helped us are still our friends!


Kate said...

More people will follow, it just takes time. I'm looking forward to hearing of your journey, as we're on the same path. We took off for 5 years in the rig, and have decided to sell everything and make it permanent. I'm thinking it would have been better to do it before we took off, but at least we're doing it!

I'm assuming you've already disposed of everything since the house is up for sale?


Deborah said...

Hi Kate! No, we can't leave our house until it sells. And, we know how long that can take! We have a small motorhome that we take out as often as we can, but to full time, we'll need something bigger. We have already downsized once, and doing it again. So, I am slowly disposing. The place will show better with "stuff" than without. I see you are selling a lot of your stuff at auction. We plan to do some of that, too. And, family, friends, Community Kitchen and Habitat for Humanity get lots of our stuff, too. I'll keep fingers crossed and hope the houses sell quickly!