Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Crap! Shortest retirement in history.....back in the work force, but hopefully not for too long. Couldn't watch Mr. Phil drown any longer. Guilt kicked in, and I am back in the saddle. I will say, that for one and a half weeks, I got a taste of how it would feel to really be retired, and it felt great - like freedom! But, we are still on track for fulltime RV'ing, just as soon as we sell the house. (I think the price of my future 5'er just went up!)

I have more folks that think my blog is blog-worthy! Welcome Planning for RV Days with Jessica and Harry*, (another couple hoping to travel fulltime in the future), Merikay's Dreams are Written in Smoke, (who seems to have a real liking for cheese!), and TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH:)), (who does a great job photographing his journeys while wintering in Arizona). I hope one day our paths cross and we can share a campfire or something!

Happy Trails!


Teri said...

Hope it's not too stressful of a job. Extra money is always nice - but the more you have the more you spend!

Merikay said...

What kind of business do you guys have?

Deborah said...

Teri, you are right, the more you make-the more you spend - BUT I am SAVING for retirement!! Merikay, we do computer-related work for hospitals. At least I can sit around in my jammies while I work, so it ain't all bad! ; )

Teri said...

re: the View - here's my email
Can you give me details: mileage, any extras you may have added, colors, etc. I can't buy right now, want to use the proceeds from my house, instead of taking a penalty on my savings. If its still for sale in a few months I may want to look at it. Have you had any problems with the 2.7 engine? I have read about some problems and was thinking I would buy an 08 or 09 instead.

Deborah said...

Teri, I just sent you an email. Good luck on your hunt for the best home on wheels!