Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flowers and a Haircut

These flowers were delivered recently, from a dear friend who knew that life for us has been like a roller-coaster lately. The flowers have been a reminder, amid the "estate of confusion" that lots of beauty and good times are ahead.

And, speaking of delivering flowers, this morning, I delivered flowers to an employee in my neighborhood post office. I was sort of, well, let's say "not very nice" on the phone with her a couple days ago, and I knew that I owed her an apology. As I posted before, I have been darn stressed-out over details, and thought I had considered everything regarding my mail. But when she said that the post office could not hold my mail for me to pick up, until we are ready to hit the road, I sort of went "postal". Later, I felt really bad about being so short. I am sure that I just passed my stress on to her like a sick virus. I knew that I could always get Mr. Phil to go and get that post office box, and I would not have to face her. I didn't know her, and she didn't know me, but I had to make amends. When I walked into the post office with flowers, and asked if she had dealt with a really irate customer recently about mail forwarding, she laughed and said "you didn't have to do that". I told her that "yes, I did". I apologized, and told her everything that has been going on, and she was unbeliveably helpful. She even gave me butterfly stickers to put on my po box so that I wouldn't have to remember the number and could quickly spot it in the sea of boxes!  It feels so much better to bring joy in someone's day instead of stress.

Now for the haircut. Not me - my cat. Paleo is almost 16 years old, and is a mix of Manx and Himalayan. His hair gets matted, and he does not tolerate brushing. So, in preparation for our new adventures, I thought he would be much happier with a new cut. 

Ok, don't laugh at him! He is thinking that he looks very dapper with his new lions cut. He is known as a "stumpy" in the Manx world, as he has a nub of a tail. His brother, Bucky, who went to "Rainbow Bridge" last year, was a "rumpy", as he had notta for a tail. When Bucky got his haircut, I always had them leave him a little puff of fur at his tail, because I felt he experienced "tail envy" seeing Paleo with a tail and all. He always hissed at Paleo after they got haircuts.
I think Paleo felt he had posed enough, and decided to move on to more important things.
I did get the news at the Vet today that his blood work indicates that he is in moderate stage of kidney failure. He is a really good cat and I hate to see him deterioate.  But at least he will spend his last few months/years doing something he loves - traveling in the RV. He loves sitting out in his crate at campgrounds, birdwatching and sunning.

Happy Trails,


Sue and Doug said...

poor kitty!..if only he knew that if he let you brush him..this haircut wouldn't have to happen!..we have a 'ragdoll kitty'..he loves to be brushed..thank goodness..have a good one, Deborah!..and way to beg for forgiveness to the postal lady!..good job!!

Merikay said...

I had a long haired dog with the same problem. She was a rescue dog and would "cower" and cry when I tried to brush her. The vet said he thought he had been hit with a brush as a pup. So rather than put her thru brushing we had her long hair shaved every spring. She always look ten pounds lighter!

Teri said...

My daughter had a cat that looks just like Paleo, and she would have him shaved occasionally, poor kitty.

Jessica said...

Great idea for the post office lady! :) Nice way to make her and your day at the same time!

Laurie and George said...

What a cool thing to do for the post office lady. There is so much power in an apology..

Judy and Emma said...

I never knew people shaved their cats.

Nice job with the apology flowers. :)

I.M. Vayne said...

Ya never know what yer a gonna find when you take a look see at a blog fer the first time. I.M. a tellin' ya. Here I thought I were in some kind of lunatic bin for really weird folks, not just the ordinarilly weird ones, the really, reely weird ones.

Gotta say after readin' some of them commentaryents that yer readers ain't a hole lot far behind in the weird department. I.M. gonna bee watching yer blog fer a while two see if their is hope fer ya. Sheesh with followers like you its no wonder when we gets lost you are just as lost.

Karen and Al said...

I think he looks kind of cute with his new haircut. We also have an elderly cat (almost 20) with kidney issues. We're just doing the best we can to manage her thyroid problems and giving her fluids for the kidneys. Good luck!