Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaving Old Friends and Making New Friends

I got a little weepy last night, as I was packing up getting ready to move out of the house and into the RV. We are seriously downsizing. For the most part, I know pretty much what to get rid of, and what to keep. But, occasionally I run across stuff that stops me in my tracks - unexpectedly. Last night, I got weepy over a teapot! On the one hand, I don't use it, so of course I cannot justify keeping it. But on the other hand, I like it. But, I don't use it. When I make tea, I make it by the cup and nuke the water. But I like it. Then I realized that it wasn't parting with the teapot that was the problem. I got weepy because I have lots of good memories, sharing tea with my "girlie" friends.We have laughed, cried, bitched, moaned, and groaned over hot tea from that teapot. (Lots of bottles of wine, too.) I wondered if I would meet nice ladies on the road to sit down with and share hot tea. I called one of my friends, Terri, to tell her that I will miss her, and to share my weepy story. She reminded me that we will carry our memories with us, in our hearts. 

Mr. Phil got a little (lot) choked up a few days ago, when he remembered his plans with an old friend to go rock digging together "someday". Phil realized that his "someday" was getting closer, but his dream would not be shared with his dear friend Andy, who died not long ago. I am sure that Mr. Phil will carry Andy in his heart everytime he gets the opportunity to dig rocks.

When we moved to Chattanooga, almost ten years ago, we thought we would be here forever. But, we never know where "forever" will find us, nor when it will end. We have made some wonderful friends here, and we will carry with us on the road great memories of good times with them. I don't know if we will ever move back, but we will be back.

Reality has not hit that we won't see family as often. I do have the cutest granddaughter in the world, and I will miss visits with her. But, hopefully, when we come back this way, we can make up for lost time. And, we plan to kidnap her occasionally so that we can have her all to ourselves for a few days or weeks. She has just turned two, we can't wait for her to get old enough to take to Disneyworld.

So, I just hope that if I meet some of my RV'ing bloggers on the road that we can sit down over a hot cup of tea, or glass of wine, and spend a little time sharing our lives. Maybe stare into a campfire and reflect on the past or dream of the future. Or, just talk about what's happening today. I look forward to making new friends on the road.

Thanks for listening,


The Bright's said...

wow... I guess I lost track of your progress. I had no idea you were to the point of moving out and in! YeeHaw! Its exciting!
Maybe we will meet up somewhere sometime. I would be happy to have tea or wine or some sort of drink and chat.
~ Sheryl

Sue and Doug said...

so exciting to be at the beginning of a new adventure and new friends and new places!!..I would gladly share a cup of tea or a glass of wine with you if and when our paths cross!!!enjoy the moment!!!

Judy and Emma said...

Can't say that I'll share a cup of tea, but I'll bring my own wine! I'm thinking it may be a shock to you how quickly those friends mentally move away from you as they lead such a different life than you will be living. That phrase "You can never go back" does seem to apply to this lifestyle. :)

Merikay said...

It seems to me there are quite a few new friends to be met and made.

Cheers to the nuked tea water! I do it that way as well much to the chagrin of my "tea pot snob" friends and relatives!

Teri said...

When I tell friends and family that I am giving away or selling everything, they don't understand. But I tell them exactly what you said, the memories are there, in our hearts, and I tell my daughter I feel like I have a movie playing in my head. I don't need the "stuff" to help me remember my past.

Donna aka Froggi said...

I had a LOT of those type of downsizing "stuff" moments. I had been watching a lot of Clean House episodes and that helped me detach myself from the emotional impact of a lot of things. The few things that I couldn't detach from, well, they got packed in a tote at my daughter's house. LOL!

Laurie and George said...

When I get sad thinking of everything I'm getting rid of, I realize that the things are just sitting there gathering dust. They are in fact 'in my memory' and can never get taken away.

Time to make new memories!

Cyndi said...

I would gladly set and have a glass of wine with you as you make your way around this beautiful country. I am not a hot tea drinker so would have to pass on that one. As you say they are all in your heart and your memories are something no one can take from you nor will you ever leave them behind.

Jessica said...

I don't know what I'm going to find the hardest about downsizing and hitting the road. I will miss seeing my sister more often but we chat daily online so that won't change. I think seeing our little guy all winter will probably be the thing we will miss the most, but thank goodness for skype! I try to focus on all that we will be gaining instead of the things that are going to change that we will miss. :)

Deborah said...

Awwww....thak you have made me feel so warm and fuzzy! I am holding you to it, and hope that our trails intersect and we take the time to seize the moment.

Jessica, I will see you next month at the RV-Dreams rally. I really look forward to meeting you and Harry.

Laurie, it is funny about those dust-catchers. Sometimes we can't understand why in the world we are hanging on to the stuff when we have the memories.

Donna, my tote will be a 10x10 storage unit. ; )

Teri, most of my friends have been very understanding and supportive. They are happy that we can do this now while we have our health, than to wait until it is too late.

Judy, I hope you are wrong....I really want to stay connected with my old friends that have different lifestyles. I know that lots of times "out of sight, out of mind" is true, but I hope to hold tight to everyone that we are so close to now.

Sheryl, yep, our house sold lots quicker than we expected and we are jumping through hoops to "get 'er done"! (And I hate that saying.)

Cyndi, I will have the wine waiting!

Sue, my man made it home!

Merikay, darn, you mean some folks would turn up their nose at my offer of a cup of nuked tea! Maybe I better keep the teapot!

Kate said...

Wow, I hope we meet up one of these days, I'd love to share a cup of tea and indulge in some girl time. I've met so many wonderful people (both men and women) since we've been on the road, I know you will too.


squawmama said...

Congratds on your new lifestyle!!!
I am new to your blog and have added you to my favorites... We are fulltimers and have been doing it for 7 years... LOVE it!!! I have seperation anxiety too & that is why a few things are in storage and a lot in the coach. I would be honored to meet you and sit down for tea or WINE! I have a electric tea pot that I use in the motorhome since I try not to nuke to many things... I hope we will become great bloggin buddies and if you need any info at all just contact us and ask... Always willing to help if we can!
Have fun & travel safe

E Squared and Mui said...

I've decided to take pictures of some of my "mementos" ... things that I like, or have a connection to ... those things I can't justify keeping. That way, I can go back and look at those pictures later and relive the memento memories.